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Canadian Round Table with Doug Force, Kelly Anne Wolfe, Rocco Galati, David Icke, Lamont Daigle, Chris Sky and Vladislav Sobolev.

Rocco Galati:
They are removing our ability to reason. Before I became a lawyer, I was a student of clinical linguistics - and what they are doing to children is insanely criminal. 72% of all language is neither oral or written - most of it is facial body language.

So these children, being masked at school now, are going to have a developmental handicap in terms of human language in that they will not understand to perceive affection, joking, sarcasm. When you remove the facial expressions over two thirds of human language gets gagged. So this is what people have to understand - it's the interaction, the intuitive body language most of which is facial. This too is a huge dehumanising aim through these masks.

Mark Twain eloquently said: "Its so much easier to fool somebody than to convince that same person that they've been fooled."

David Icke:
The real reason for the mask is dehumanisation. Symbolism is the language of the subconscious. They are targeting human perception. It's a symbol of freedom to take your mask off just as putting it on is a symbol of servitude and submission.

I focus on the heart vortex because my life will change, my opening. People think about what we call love and it's been so discredited in the way that its used in human society, so we have to put things like unconditional in front of it to try and get to somewhere like what we mean.

For me when you open the heart, it's not just about the perceptions that people have about love, you open up to the greater consciousness. From the heart comes not learned intelligence - which is the intelligence of the intellect - it's innate intelligence, it's not thinking and working it out, it's knowing. When you have an intuitive feeling, you don't say I'm thinking, I'm thinking - you just know - its taking you into the greater consciousness which does know.

Love is the answer!
The mind that perceives freedom is the freedom.

Life often gives you your greatest gift disguised as your worst nightmare. The ridicule that I went through freed me of the fear of what other people think. It frees you to say what you think without mental gymnastics and without self censorship.

Kelly Anne Wolfe:
I stood in front of fifty thousand people in Montreal and my soul was shocked. And it was scary, but it was so important to be connected with all of those people and to just let myself go with the emotion and to connect.

And look what happened, I mean we made history, and everyone on this panel is responsible for that. We made history and we united people who were separated. I mean an entire population of people that were separated since this country began. And ever since then, we just keep bringing them together.

And what did that was our will to stand up for what we believe in. I have never been silent in my entire life. I have been the black sheep of my family, I've been the intolerable kid throughout school but was also appreciated for my intolerance.

Everyone on this panel, we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. And everything happens perfectly even if it hurts you at the time. And the thing I love about these people so much is that they get the bigger picture. And it's time for us to show everybody that bigger picture because we can save the whole world.

Lamont Daigl:
If 85% of the world is being kept alive by the 15% of us who understand the truth around the heart chakra and the consciousness, aren't we already there?

If we just explain to people and help them understand. As long as we do what we do and understand the big mission then everyone is going to come along.

Chris Sky:
All we need to do to wake people up is to simply provide them with the right information that alters their perception to let them know this is about control. Once you've altered that perception all the attacks they are using on them become less potent.

People are scared right now, they are wearing the mask because they're scared... people are complying with government because they are scared. When you provide them with the information - the truth, it will hit them, it resonates. Unlike all the fear and propaganda that they've been bombarded with over and over.

But when you hit them with the truth - that little alteration of their perception - and now the person understands that everything that's happening all around the world isn't about a virus, it isn't about their health and it isn't about their safety, it's about control - everything else comes crashing down.

And when everyone wakes up that's when we can have unified non-compliance.

Vladislav Sobolev:
We know we are gaining ground and we are winning.

In the darkest of times, choose to be the lighthouse, don't go chasing ships into the stormy waters. Stand your ground and let the hard hitting waves wash over you. Keep shining and let the love from your heart squeeze the fear out of the world.

If we stand our ground and keep shining light on the truth, it works. When you stand in that truth and love it is very powerful, we create the world with our words and our mindset.

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