Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, Nephrologist on her Fight with Maine CDC Head - VAXXED

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, Nephrologist on her Fight with Maine CDC Head - VAXXED

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In an interview during the making of the film VAXXED, Dr. Suzanne Humphrie explains how she got into a an argument over the phone with the head of the CDC in Maine.

She said she was suprised that he "didn't seem very knowledgable and also surprised and angered how confrontational and argumentative he was".

She said the fight culminated in him asking her "what happened to you? And what turned you into someone who thinks vaccines are so bad now?".

And she said:

"what happened to me was watching these adverse reactions happen in front of my eyes and seeing the tracking of the kidney function go down within 24 hours after a shot. And all the doctors chasing their tale trying to find some other reason, and there was no other drug, no other test that was done, no blockage that could have caused the problem.

So what happened to me was that I started asking the question - when was your last vaccine and I started putting it together.

And then I said, and I have another problem. One of my problems is with this live inhaled flu vaccine, because on the package insert it says that you should stay away from... you know elderly people, infirm people, immuno-supporesed people. And it also gives all the symptoms that can happen which included all the symptoms of the flu.

So I said basically you're giving all these kids the flu and sending them off into society and I said I have a problem with that..."


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