Courageous Bus Driver Has License Revoked Over Mask Resistance - Video Article

Courageous Bus Driver Has License Revoked Over Mask Resistance - Video Article

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Thomas Brauner - German Bus Driver - Video Article

People with courage

Those who stand upright for the restoration of our democratic rights and freedoms show that there is an alternative to hanger-onism. 

Part 1.

from Andrea Drescher

(See link to original article below)

Thomas Brauner is a bus driver in the resistance. He was tired of playing the beadle for the wrong decisions of politics. Like thousands of shopkeepers, waitresses, nursing home employees and other people involved in public transport, bus drivers are also forced to force their guests to wear masks. 

This is particularly sad for children, because such "hygiene measures" cause particular harm to adolescents. Brauner rebelled and asked the children in his school bus to take off their masks. What happened then cost him his job - and makes him the ideal candidate for Andrea Drescher's new Rubicon series on everyday heroes.

Thomas Brauner, a specialist in protection and security trained by the German armed forces and a trained bus driver, was born in Thuringia in 1981, where he now lives again. As a family man with three children aged three, four and six, life in his old, rural home seemed more future-proof to him than life in the big West German city. 

Previously an apolitical person who was interested in soccer, aviation, music and making hobby films, he became famous because of a last bus trip for the time being, which he also recorded on video. He asked the children to take off their masks during the ride, as he is convinced that it is harmful to their health, and recorded everything on video. The fact that he lost his job because of his action does not burden him. On the contrary: Since then he has been really politically active.

Andrea Drescher: How were you politicized?

Thomas Brauner: I find the current politics completely unacceptable. Nothing really works as I expected it to. Whereas in the past I have always kept one eye on political events, i.e. I was only an observer, I now have to get involved and take appropriate action. Even if many people do not understand this.

What do you do specifically?

First of all, I returned to my old home on September 1 - also for the sake of my children. This had to happen before my grandchildren started school so that they could make new friends right away and not be torn away from their familiar surroundings. My decisions were always based on my children. I am convinced that it must be the responsibility of parents to adapt their life structure to their children. Some people in my environment may not understand this, but that doesn't bother me either.

Who does not understand this?

Acquaintances, friends, even some in the family - as soon as they notice that you are swimming against the current, you are critically examined. It is expected that I adapt myself if I want to belong. I have never done that, have always lived according to my own ideas as an independent person. This attitude seems to be no longer desired in our society today. One is devalued, if one does not adapt. You simply no longer belong. I've always done my own thing, and since the children arrived, I make my decisions so that they benefit my children.

Was this orientation towards your children the reason for your action in the bus?

Yes. Exactly. I have seen how that develops. I get instructions from my employer that I think are wrong and I cannot be held responsible for them. I was in a conflict. My children don't wear masks - by the way, they aren't vaccinated either - and are in perfect health.

After all, the children on the bus go to school with mine. I am supposed to do something with them that I would never ask my children to do, something I cannot support out of conviction. I could no longer take part in this.

And not participating is something that should be possible in a constitutional state.

Your children are not vaccinated - that is also possible with measles vaccination?

Yes. Our vaccination waiver was recognized by the health department - I discussed this in detail with the people responsible there and they understood my argumentation. Even now many people can understand my actions on the bus - but of course nobody will officially admit that.

What was the reaction of the children on the bus?

Except for two boys who were afraid to take off their masks, the reaction of the pupils was absolutely positive. Relief, relief, freedom. There had been a spooky atmosphere on the bus for days, oppressive. It was gone in one fell swoop, and it could be felt that they could finally talk freely again in the bus. It was totally great and kept the kids positively occupied.

What was the response of the parents?

On the part of the parents there was no direct reaction from me. My supervisor said that parents had contacted me and complained about me. I assume that it was the parents of the two boys who did not want to take the mask off and of course did not have to. But I do not know. My employer asked me what had happened. His attitude was: "That's not possible", "We have to pay a fine if this gets out", "That's against the rules". They did not accept my position that I am responsible for the well-being of the children on the bus and that I have the right of abode, so to speak. But after it became known that children on the bus were obviously damaged by the masks, I could no longer accept that.

What was the next step?

On the day of the September 29th action, I was immediately granted leave and have since received my notice. I am out of a job. I am flexible and can also drive a truck. To act against my convictions just for money is not possible.

To work just for money is not possible. I have already seen too many people who have perished because of it.

After all, work must be fun - which is not so easy in our system.

Not only did you make a mask action in your bus, you also documented and published the whole thing on video. What prompted you to do this?

I wanted to set a sign so that as many people as possible could see it. I wanted to show that there are people who think about it and actively resist it - also with full awareness of the consequences. If I already lose my job, as many people as possible should see that. And I succeeded in doing so.

But now you are unemployed. You now support the lateral thinking movement - how did this contact come about?

Patricia von Querdenken Miltenberg had contacted me. She liked the campaign and asked me whether I would like to come to Berlin on October 11. I was happy to do that.

Your first public appearance?

No. That was my second speech. The first speech I gave in Heiligenstadt in front of 20 or 30 people. The atmosphere was much more friendly on the part of the police. They were sitting on a terrace of a café that was not open due to Corona. Berlin was very exciting. Especially the place - the Brandenburg Gate - is very steeped in history. That was really something special. It was also very liberating.

In what way liberating?

I can express myself publicly about what's bothering me, hoping that it will resonate with people. It's good to meet people who think the same way. You can feel the solidarity of the people - something that we have missed in the last decades. There is a feeling of a community - the community of Corona action critics - who ask themselves the same questions.

What kind of questions do you ask yourself?

I keep asking myself what the goal of what is happening can be. At the same time, when I hear again and again that the powerful say that the world suffers from overpopulation, it scares me very much. What does all this mean? On the one hand you complain about overpopulation, on the other hand you are extremely worried about our health - it doesn't add up. What kind of constraints seem to be coming our way, where you might be excluded everywhere, if you don't want to give in to these possible constraints, where will this lead?

Where do you think?

As a mask liberator you can hardly take part in demonstrations today, you are excluded from numerous stores and restaurants. How does that go on? Is it no longer allowed to work or go on vacation if one does not want to be vaccinated? But the whole thing also offers us opportunities.

You see chances for yourself?

Yes. Of course I ask myself how far they will go until I say STOP. And what do I do then? That's why I deal with concrete solutions in case they manage to solidify their totalitarian system - because they have already achieved a lot.

I think about how I can create a self-sufficient life structure for myself in order to make myself as independent of systems as possible.

For me it means a return to a simpler life with self-sufficiency or exchange of surpluses. But in the near future I am an active lateral thinker.

I want to at least try to prevent what seems to be rolling towards us. The return to freedom is a great concern for me. People must have something to say. I do not expect any solutions from politicians or even government representatives because of the massive lobbying. The lobby associations are far too intertwined with politics. That is dangerous, because they destroy all our future. In the coming months I will be involved in the demonstrations.

Do you get money for your demo appearances?

No. I do that out of conviction. My children should not have to grow up and live in a totalitarian system. I don't want to have to say that I was too cowardly and afraid of reprisals. As long as I'm healthy and can actively do something, I will do something and won't sit in front of the Playstation. Unfortunately, many cannot or do not want to do that, otherwise we would have other conditions in the country. People would finally have to get out of their comfort zone. Many still don't understand that. I would like to be able to say: I have honestly contributed to the fact that we have human conditions in our country again.

Then I hope you will be able to say that as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your commitment.

Shortly after the interview, Thomas Brauner's driving license was revoked by the authorities, and he will take legal action against this.


Taken from the German version of the article at Rubikon here:

22 October 2020

Article translated by Bluecat

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