Revolution of Philosophy - Zach Bush M.D. V-Revealed Episode 8

Revolution of Philosophy - Zach Bush M.D. V-Revealed Episode 8

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Revolution of Philosophy
Zach Bush, M.D. on the Prevalence of Viruses & The Blood DNA Virome.
The NIH Cochrane Review 2012 showed that in every age group immunised there was no change in the rate of influenza. This virus is actually a genomic update.

"If we wait for a scientific revolution we will go extinct. This is our moment for a revolution of philosophy, not of science.

We are an intelligent species that could align ourselves with a high consciousness of nature and change our collective behaviour in the next couple of decades, such that we are a co-creative force, and what we get to co-create with that nature will be the most abundant life on earth because of the amount of stress we have caused in our cataclysmic presence. Our cataclysmic presence, as dark as it looks, could actually be the natus for the next explosion of intelligence on life with a higher emergence of bio-diversity on the planet, if we will align ourselves with the possibility that we are not the apex of life on earth - it is not our manifest destiny to destroy the life around us so that we have more space. It's to start to participate with that life around us as a pixel of genetic information within the sea of genomic possibility." Zach Bush, M.D.

9th September 2020
Courtesy of Vaccines Revealed
Patrick Gentempo - CEO Revealed Films
Jeff Hays Films


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