FAQ and Troubleshooting

FAQ and Troubleshooting

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For Troubleshooting:

  • Put my oauth in but still get an auth error

    • Basic self troubleshooting. I cannot assist with this as oauth’s are managed by Twitch!

      • Close mIRC and try again.
      • Get a new OAuth and repeat everything for that step.
      • Restart your computer, put new oath in, close mIRC and try again.
  • Evaluation ran out?

    • Why not pay? You can get a copy for $10 with this link: https://www.mirc.co.uk/register.php?coupon=MIRC-SWV0-MNKL

    • I had no issue waiting for the continue button to come back after about 10 seconds of waiting once the evaluation got to 0 days left. Just be patient and it will show up.
    • POSSIBLE WORK AROUND: Click on register and then close the page it opens. It should let you click continue on the bot popup and run it. Again, patience.
    • If these workarounds don’t work then either pay for it or don’t use it? I don’t know what to say.
    • If you do pay for your copy and register, please note that I did not program mIRC and am not affiliated in any way. If you have issues registering, please go to mIRC.com
  • Have suggestions? Contact me!

  • Links don’t work? Contact me.

  • Error messages not covered above? Contact me.

For FAQ:

  • You don’t need to enable the timer more than once. If it is automatically started when the bot starts then you don’t have to do anything. Literally, just start the bot and then minimize it – leave it alone.
    • Please disable the timer when you are not live to keep from posting !hostme.
  • If you installed the bot to the wrong place, delete it and start over.
  • If you installed mIRC in the wrong place, uninstall it and start over.
  • If you messed up the bot by editing the files, delete it and start over.
  • If it stops working, delete it and start over.
  • If you get an auth error on connect, you need to generate a new OAUTH token as explained in the video. Click here to get a new OAUTH.
    • Sometimes this will be easy to see if you are using the bot to perform commands in your channel such as /host or .host (it will say something like: “You do not have permission to perform that action”).
  • If you keep getting an error when trying to connect after putting in your information, close the bot and open it again.
    • If you still get an error, delete everything and start over. Please follow the directions exactly as they are shown in the YouTube video…..
  • If the bot was working and then you received errors out of no where, please submit a ticket in our helpdesk: https://bluecat.live/forums/forum/support/