Added the following updates to the Auto !HOSTME Bot:

; v 12MAR2019
; + Minor changes to colors and menu
; + Added notice of followers-only mode in @Logs window

Update LIVE

I have edited and fixed the LiveCheck. The new version is live and ready for download.

Remember, if you have an older version of the bot, please download the UPDATE file, and simply replace the older files with the new ones.

If you have auth issues, just updated your oauth using the popup. If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ & How-To video. For major errors/issues, please message me on twitter @MrDocDC


I have patched the script to not check for live status. I will be updating the bot online once I have fixed the livechecker, please only use the bot when you are LIVE!!! You may be banned from some channels for abusing this.